Don't we all sometimes wish our wild and crazy young dog would just settle down and take a nap? Watch as shelter dogs learn to be quiet and calm after only a few short sessions of clicker training

Dog training for Boone, Blowing Rock, Banner Elk, West Jefferson, Ashe, Avery & Watauga Counties, NC

RUNNING START - 8 Sessions 
Professional Fee: $850

This training package includes ONE PAW IN FRONT OF THE OTHER plus: loose leash walking with distractions, “settle”, training in public settings (as appropriate for individual dog), “come to me!” with distractions. That’s a total of 8 training sessions.  This training package also includes access to our “Client Area” with instructional videos. 

Sit, Down, Stay
Leash Walking with Distractions
Training in Public Settings (as appropriate for individual dog)
Come to Me! with Distractions

24/7 Access to Instructional Videos: YES

Professional Fee: $499

This training package includes THE FIRST STEP plus 3 additional sessions of about an hour each for a total of 4 sessions at The Center for K9 Excellence. This training package also includes 24/7 access to the “Client Area” of our web site. There you will find over 50 instructional videos, including the exercises we’ll teach you during our training sessions. Review lessons at your convenience. Or make the most of your training dollars by working ahead. The video library is one of our clients’ favorite parts of our training packages. 

Sit & “Say Please" by Sitting, Stay, Down
Come to Me! with Controlled Distractions
Impulse Control with Food & Toys
Door Manners
Using Rewards Other Than Food
Introduction to Leash Walking

24/7 Access to Instructional Videos: YES

Our commitment to you: Happy Dogs, Happy Owners, Rewarding Results

"Thank you so much! We all have really loved working with you. We thoroughly agree with your training philosophy and can already see how it works with Riley and Cooper. We love our dogs and truly want them to be a part of our family, and to join us in whatever we are doing together. With your help we know they can! 
- Lindsay, Brett, & kids

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TRAINING PACKAGES FOR DOGS (Over 6 months of age) - See our puppy page for dogs younger than 6 months

​Customized Training For Your Dog

THE FIRST STEP - 2.5 Hour Session
Professional Fee: $245

Part of the reason our clients are so successful is that they understand how dogs learn.  The first part of this session is for people only (we don’t need the dog). We’ll discuss how dogs learn, how to humanely modify their behavior and dog body language.  If you have children in the home, or children who visit, we’ll also discuss child-dog safety.  Once we’ve answered all your questions on those topics, we’ll start working with your dog.

Discussion: how dogs learn, dog body language, child-dog safety (if applicable)

Sit & “Say Please" by Sitting
“Come to Me!”
Introduction to Impulse Control

24/7 Access to Instructional Videos: NO

At Rewarded Behavior Continues, "YES" is not just a word it's a training philosophy. We encourage you to teach your dog new and acceptable behaviors like sitting or lying down quietly, and then substitute those new behaviors for ones you don't like such as jumping, barking or begging.   Rather  than  constantly telling your dog "No, no, no,"  this creates an opportunity to tell your dog "yes" while rewarding your dog and  seeing   more of   the behaviors you want...


Want a private dog training program customized to your needs, the needs of your dog and your family? Or have a dog that worries around other dogs or people?  Then private training sessions are for you. Happy life with dogs begins with impulse control. All of our training packages, including behavior modification, begin with foundation skills centered around impulse control and owner focus in the face of distractions.

Private training sessions are conducted at The Center for K9 Excellence, 2812 Idlewild Rd., West Jefferson, NC.  All major credit cards accepted.

There is no “one size fits all” program for every dog or puppy. That makes sense, doesn’t it? What are your goals for your dog or puppy? Do you want compliance to a few basic cues at home or do you want your dog to heel like a pro and mind his manners while you walk around town with lots of distractions? All of our training packages come with access to the “Client Area” of our web site.  There you will find over 50 instructional videos for the exercises you’ll learn along with great videos for safe games to do with dogs and children, trick, play training and more.

GOLD MEDALIST - 14 Sessions 
Professional Fee: $1344

This training package offers the most support for you and your dog. It includes the RUNNING START package plus: work with increased distractions or additional sessions to work with behavior that requires more extensive modification.

​24/7 Access to instructional videos: Yes