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Rewarded Behavior Continues offers positive solutions to these problems. We are one of the  few dog training businesses  offering modern, science based methods in our board and train program. The methods of the old-style "Doggie Boot Camps" have historically relied upon the use of a shock collar or other harsh methods to gain control and obedience of a dog who truly doesn't understand the behaviors taught, but complies to avoid shock, pain or intimidation. At Rewarded Behavior Continues we use only positive, dog friendly techniques!

While in our care dogs and puppies live as members of the Rewarded Behavior Continues Family.They live in our home and receive undivided attention. Training occurs with each and every interaction. There are only one or two dogs at a time in the board and train program.  During the day and evening they will have multiple training sessions and may socialize with well-mannered resident dogs between sessions. Board and train programs are individualized to suit each dog and owner's preferences. Once your dog's training plan has been achieved successfully you will receive private instructions on how to maintain your dog's new skills.

Puppies in our board and train program are started on a house training program, socialization is begun, and skills your puppy will need to succeed as a beloved companion and house pet are initiated. Puppies headed for potential careers in the conformation show ring, sports dog competitions, pet therapy and K9  Nose Work® will receive training related to their owner's specific requests. Our Home Stay Board and Train program is unique in that we use only dog-friendly, force free, positive reinforcement methods to train your puppy. Happy puppies mean Happy Owners! At Rewarded Behavior Continues your dog or puppy comes home with a new set of behaviors and skills that will prepare them to be a valued and loved member of your family, while retaining their confidence and trust in you as their owner.

If a hectic environment or a very busy schedule makes in-home training impractical, or if you just want to “jump start” your dog’s training, consider enrolling your dog in our Board and Train “Home Stay” Program.


Solutions to Your Problems

*Are you planning on getting a new puppy but not looking forward to the commitment of time and effort it takes to  house train,  socialize or prepare them for  life as a family pet, show or sports dog?

*Do you have a dog that needs training, but don't have the time to train it?

*Are you worried about leaving your fearful, reactive dog in a strange, noisy, concrete kennel while you are out of  town?

*Are you feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of adding dog training to your schedule?

Dog training for Boone, Blowing Rock, Banner Elk, West Jefferson, Ashe, Avery & Watauga Counties, NC

*A minimum 3- 6 week stay is required for Board and Train puppies/dogs.*  Marge and/or Lisa will discuss with you how long they feel your particular pet needs to stay with us for optimum results and long lasting retention of their newly acquired skills.


Puppies $110/day
Adult Dogs $120/day
Puppies or dogs needing Behavior Modification $135/day