Behavior Modification

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At Rewarded Behavior Continues we have experience successfully treating many common behavioral problems including aggression directed at other animals or people, fearful, shy, reactive or nervous dogs, dogs who guard objects, food, or humans, and dogs with separation distress or anxiety. Treatment typically involves a combination of behavior modification protocols for pets, and management changes for owners.   You can expect some behaviors to be modified quickly and others to take many weeks or months. 

Private one on one behavior modification will give you the guidance, support and encouragement you need to successfully work with Good Dog! Training to implement a behavior modification program that will work for you and your dog. Many sweet and deserving pets 

end up being given away, or placed in a rescue or shelter for behavioral issues that may be relatively simple to solve – don’t let this happen to your beloved pet. Contact Rewarded Behavior Continues today!

Marge Rogers is the only trainer in the area certified through the Certification for Professional Dog Trainers in behaviormodification. Helping your dog overcome fear, aggression, anxiety and other behavioral  issues requires a different skill set than teaching him to sit, come when called, and walk on a leash.  It’s important to understand why your dog is behaving the way he is so we can work to modify his behavior.  Marge will create a customized behavior modification plan for you and your dog. Some examples follow:

Behavior modification at the Veterinary Clinic – Cane Corso

Dogs that bark and lunge at people &/or other dogs on leash

Dog learns to relax