How long will this take? The answer is "it depends." The behavior issue, the individual dog, how long the dog has been rehearsing the behavior and you and your participation in training are just a few of the variables to consider. Our goal is to give you the most current and humane information regarding behavior modification and to give you the skills to live successfully with and advocate for your dog. Once we take a thorough history, meet your dog, and talk with you about how much support you need, we'll be better able to make a recommendation for you


You Can't Punish Away Fear or Anxiety


Professional Fee: $1344 ($175 savings)

Sometimes we can  "jump start"  your training by doing initial or more  difficult  training  ourselves.  As professional dog trainers, our
m e c h a n i c a l s k i l l s a n d knowledge enable us to make progress faster than if you were doing all the training on your own. This option is also good for owners with busy schedules -we can train while you're at work. "Transfer sessions" are required to ensure the things your dog learns to do for us he can do for you, too. We can customize this plan to meet your​ needs


Professional Fee: $850 ($81.00 savings)

Once your dog is comfortable enough to work with us, we teach foundation skills for impulse control and owner focus. These skills create a  shared communication  and are confidence building for  your dog. One of the reasons our owners are so successful is that
we  give them   the tools to help  their dog .  when we are  not there.   Once the  foundation skills are in p l a c e,  we s t a r t working
specifically on the behavioral issues at hand.

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Veterinarians who specialize in animal behavior advise against using punishment based training (e.g. shock, prong  and  stim collars)  to  modify  behavior.  While that may temporarily suppress the behavior, the behavior often gets worse over time. Perhaps you've experienced that already. You can read their positIon onpunishment based training here.​

Frustrated with your dog's behavior? We can help. We use methods that veterinarians who specialize in behavior recommend - counterconditioning & desensitization. Our programs are owner-focused, meaning our certified trainers work with you and your dog to modify your dog's behavior.

At Rewarded Behavior Continues we have experience successfully treating many common behavioral problems including aggression directed at other animals or people, fearful, shy, reactive or nervous dogs, dogs who guard objects, food, or humans, and dogs with separation distress or anxiety. Treatment typically involves a combination of behavior modification protocols for pets, and management changes for owners.   You can expect some behaviors to be modified quickly and others to take many weeks or months. 

Private one on one behavior modification will give you the guidance, support and encouragement you need to successfully work with Rewarded Behavior Continues to implement a behavior modification program that will work for you and your dog. Many sweet   and  deserving  pets 

Marge Rogers, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA is the only trainer in the area certified through the Certification for Professional Dog Trainers in behavior modification. Helping your dog overcome fear, aggression, anxiety and other behavioral  issues requires a different skill set than teaching him to sit, come when called, and walk on a leash.  It’s important to understand why your dog is behaving the way he is so we can work to modify his behavior.  Marge will create a customized behavior modification plan for you and your dog. See examples below.

end up being given away, or placed in a rescue or shelter for behavioral issues that may be relatively simple to solve – don’t let this happen to your beloved pet. Contact Rewarded Behavior Continues today!

Professional Fee: $690 ($45 savings)

All of our training packages start with an introductory session that includes an overview of the science of how dogs learn, how to  humanely modify their behavior, dog  body language,  and when children are involved, dog-child safety. After we've  answered all
your questions on  those topics, we'll begin working  with your dog. Some  dogs are so worried or anxious or worried around people

(that's why you called us), that we have to spend time getting the dog comfortable with our presence. We may coach you through some of the training exercises or we may continue to work toward helping your dog feel comfortable around us.

Behavior Modification